Where Kindness and Compassion make a Difference.

Welcome to Wedrose Acres! We are a 501©(3) non-profit animal sanctuary located in Gridley, IL that nearly fifty animals call home. We support the prevention of cruelty for all animals, and proudly provide a tranquil sanctuary to both farm animals and wildlife, as well as rescued dogs and cats. At Wedrose Acres, visitors interact up close with our pigs, alpacas, llamas, horses, donkeys, goats, turkeys, geese, sheep, dogs, cats, and our cow, as well as appreciate the beauty of the expansive Illinois countryside, delicate wild flowers, striking waterfowl, curious raccoons, and other wildlife. Come join us for one of our vegan potlucks, a day of volunteering, or a sanctuary tour, and have the rare opportunity to meet a wide range of rescued animals! 

Our purpose is to serve as an exclusively charitable and educational organization.

Our goals include

  • Providing a wetland environment to protect native flora and fauna
  • Serving as a natural sanctuary and environment for birds and other wildlife
  • Offering shelter, safety, and medical care for domestic, farm, and exotic animal needs
  • Promoting the prevention of cruelty to animals
  • Educating the public about the care and protection of animals

Executive Board

President & Treasurer 
Tobein Tegard 

Vice President 
Deborah Tegard-Harroun

Peggy McBride

Donna Roth 

Veterinarian on Call

Jon Quinton, DVM 

On Site Manager

Bruce Osran

Web Development

Sindha Agha

Alison Vellas

Advisory Board

  • Marie Apke 
  • Julianne Arvizu 
  • Cyri Davis 
  • Jayne Epperson 
  • Louis Giordano 
  • Doug Harroun 
  • Helene Neer 
  • Karen Reel

Educational Advisory Board 

  • John Barton, MD
  • Beth Middleton, Ph.D. 
  • Phil Myers, MD 
  • Mary Beth Paul, Ph.D. 
  • Raymond Stotler, Ph.D.

Junior Board 

  • Tamas Di Lorenzo 
  • Galina Harroun 
  • Jackie Meneses 
  • Teddy Meneses