C.W. the Camel

When you devote your life to animal rescue, you meet hundreds of incredible animals and come to hold such respect and admiration for these amazing creatures. To know individuals who have suffered so much at the hands of others and, despite their hardships, have learned to love, trust and enjoy life again is a powerful experience. 

C.W. the Camel stands out to the Wedrose family as one of the most brilliant animals, human or non-human, to have ever existed. Rescued as a mere infant, Tobein bottle-fed this angelic baby camel and named him after her beloved brother, Clyde Walter. The spirit of Clyde Walter the Human, who was dearly missed by all, seemed to shine through once again through C.W. the Camel. C.W. quickly became a friend to all and was soon recognized as our sanctuary mascot. 


C.W. was known for his elegant looks and graceful ways, as well as his adorable kisses. That's right! Our baby C.W.'s favorite activity ever was to lean in and pucker up for a smack on the lips from sanctuary visitors. He was quite keen on newcomers! C.W. also enjoyed naps in the sun-soaked pasture, hugs from his human mom Tobein, and visits from sanctuary regulars, especially the group of cyclists who would pause their long countryside rides to swing by the sanctuary and say hello to their camel buddy.

Rainbow Bridge now boasts C.W. as a new resident after his passing in the summer of 2014, and he is deeply missed by everyone at the sanctuary. C.W.'s best friend, Margie the Cow, has been in mourning the loss of her friend and often can be found crying. Luckily, Little Gary the Llama-Alpaca has stepped up to the task of providing Margie with much-needed companionship, and a endearing friendship is budding. 

We will fondly remember C.W. as a highly-respected member of the Wedrose family and our mascot. We love you, Clyde! Rest in Peace.