Alpacas are such clowns! Their protruding buckteeth combined with socially awkward nature are absolutely comical. These shy animals are sweet, good-natured, and love to please. They also happen to be one of the oldest species of domestic animals. The most common commercial use for alpacas is the wool industry, in which the animals may suffer from cruel factory conditions and fatal heat exhaustion. 




We admire Admiral's beautiful red hair and curious nature. Admiral came to the sanctuary in 2006 as one of the first alpacas to ever grace Wedrose, alongside his pal Zorro.



Zorro was one of Wedrose's very first alpaca residents. He arrived at the sanctuary with his best friend Admiral, and sticks by his side to this day.



Less than a mile from Wedrose Acres, a llama and a goat guarded a herd of cattle. First the cattle left and then the goat passed away, so this lonely llama was roaming the property alone. Since llamas are herd animals, he was in desperate need of companionship. In 2006, we invited him to come live with us and named him Doc after our friend Dr. Kearney. Doc has been a fixture of Wedrose ever since.