Horses are herd animals with a clear hierarchy, usually headed by a dominant mare. These majestic animals excel at companionship, and are capable of developing strong companionship with any species. Horses are creatures of habit, and they feel most comfortable with consistent routines. In the wild, horses have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, but racehorses are often live a fraction of that lifespan and are sent to foreign slaughterhouses when their bodies can no longer take the strain of racing. 




Gunsmoke arrived at the sanctuary in 2003 along with two miniature horses, Capone and Knee High. The three were to be sold at a horse auction, but we heard of their situation and welcomed them into our Wedrose family. Gunsmoke is a beautiful Palomino horse with a kind heart who will come running for vanilla cookies.



Mr. Abner came from a farm in the Harvard-Marino area that was retiring their horses and took care to find Abner a nice home. He is a well-respected horse who runs the pack.



Timid Cinco came from the same Harvard-Marino farm. He is the youngest of the horses, and therefore is low on the totem pole as far as the other horses are concerned. We hope that as he grows older, his confidence will increase because he is such a sweet boy.



Little Capone came to us with Knee High and Gunsmoke, rescued from a horse auction. The three are inseparable, and enjoy lazily passing the days grazing in the pasture. Don't let his namesake fool you, he's no criminal, but instead a sleepy boy with a big heart.


Knee High

Cutie pie Knee High joined the Wedrose family in 2003 with Capone and Gunsmoke. We are so happy that we could rescue all three of them together, because they've never been separated and are thick as thieves. Knee High has a big appetite and loves apples.