Pigs are incredibly bright creatures! Research has shown that pigs surpass three-year-old humans in their intelligence. These smart cookies also have been shown to dream as humans do, and they cuddle up with each other to fall asleep. Newborn piglets can recognize their mother's voices, respond to their own names, and mother pigs even sing to their babies while they nurse! These are highly communicative animals, with more than twenty vocalizations used to express a wide range of emotions and needs. Pigs have a natural lifespan of up to 15 years, but sadly only live to be just six months old in most factory farms. 




Bernice came from a loving home that could no longer care for her but wanted to find the dream home for their beloved friend. She adjusted quite well to life on the sanctuary, hitting off with George the pig especially well.



George Clooney was in need of a new home when the trailer park where he was living presented him with an eviction notice. We all feel George adds a certain Hollywood pizzazz to our sanctuary. George is available for autographs, and you can find him in the mud bath!


Pretty Girl

Potbelly Pretty Girl arrived at the sanctuary with her brother Jeffrey P. in tow. The two were been living in someone's backyard when the police seized the siblings, threatening that they would be slaughtered if they weren't rescued quickly. Of course we stepped up to the task and welcomed these two delightful piggy siblings into our sanctuary.


Jeffery P.

Jeffery P., brother of Pretty Girl, is named after a well-known plastic surgeon from Bloomington. When Dr. Jeffery P. met Jeffery P. the pig, he said "Jeffery, we may need to talk about a tummy tuck!" Not to worry, Jeffery P. doesn't have any body-image issues despite the comment, and is a wonderfully confident pig who enjoys his nap time in the shade.


Mimi Marie

Mimi Marie RUNS this place! The day she arrived, even the llamas and horses were afraid of Mimi because she was so vocal. The only ones to go about their business in the presence of Queen Mimi were the goats and C.W. the Camel. Mimi Marie gets away with bossing just about everyone else around! She is a benevolent ruler, as long as she doesn't catch the goats eating her food. Thank you to Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue for bringing Mimi Marie to us.