Donkeys are powerful creatures, both physically and mentally. Donkeys are actually much stronger than horses of the same size and have outstanding memory. Did you know that a donkey can recognize places and people from up to 25 years in the past? Donkeys have a keen eye for detail and a great sense of curiosity. The stereotypes about donkeys being stubborn are definitely true! These are highly independent animals that love to think for themselves, but are still loving and social. Donkeys do not like to be alone, and they enjoy grooming their loved ones much like monkeys do. 




Shy Farley likes to stick to the background and not cause too much of a scene. Unlike Gunsmoke, Knee High, and Capone, the spotlight is NOT Farley's favorite. This timid boy likes to hang alone or trail behind Walter, and while he likes attention, he's a bit socially awkward and never seems to know how to ask for it! We do love our quiet moments with Farley and find him to be quite the thoughtful gentleman.


Jimmy B.

Handsome Jimmy B. is every mother's dream! Kind, courteous, and attached to his mother's hip for life, Jimmy easily wins the Best Son in the Whole Wide World Award. Wherever Mama Tia is, Jimmy B. will be. This boyish donkey understands that mama knows best.



Mother to Jimmy B., Tia is the luckiest mom around! Even though they are both getting up in age, Tia is blessed with her son Jimmy's undying devotion. The pair are wonderfully affectionate and patient, and often love to nuzzle their human friends gently, even resting their heads on our shoulders from time to time. It's enough to make your heart melt!



Old Man Walter is a stoic donkey with a soft spot for the ladies. Walter loves hugs and kisses, and is what we like to call a silver fox, with lots of gray hairs! Walter gets along with just about anyone, but is also perfectly comfortable hanging out alone and is not as cliquish as the other equines.